What does CRM software do?

In its crudest form, CRM software helps you efficiently manage the information you’ve collected on your customers, as well as on prospects who might be interested in doing business with you. You can store and manage this data with a simple goal in mind: to enhance your business relationships by improving customer retention and customer acquisition. Coupled with the power of AI, a CRM can give you insights into customer behavior, the state of your sales pipeline, how each individual salesperson is performing, and much more.

Imagine you run a bakery and your customers can reach out to you via your website, mobile app, and social media. Consider a scenario where your team manages thousands of queries each day wherein each customer needs a different product with its own sets of customizations and quantities. Handling this volume of customer interactions and nurturing prospects is quite difficult. This is where CRM software comes into the picture.

A CRM can help you to streamline and automate all of your customer-facing processes. You can send out automated emails, text messages, and even quotes within seconds. For every process in the sales cycle—from lead acquisition to nurturing, and conversion to post-purchase service—a CRM can help you to get the right information at the right time. With all this information at your disposal, you’re better equipped to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. When also integrated with AI, a CRM can also help you accurately predict and forecast sales figures and get real-time information on the go

What does CRM software do?

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