Top 3 best CRM software tools 2024

Ignite CRM gives you everything you need to accelerate your revenue with context-driven sales. It helps streamline your sales processes from lead generation and prospecting to driving deals to closure and maintaining good relationships with your customers. 

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features that Ignite CRM Solutions offers:

  • Contact management: Gain all the information about your contacts in one comprehensive screen. This includes a chronological timeline of interactions you’ve had across email, chat, phone, SMS, and website form, helping salespeople understand the customer journey.
  • Intelligent workflows: Automate repetitive tasks and the most complex business processes effortlessly, reduce manual dependency, and save time to sell more
  • Pipeline management: Customize pipelines unique to your sales process and visualize deals progressing through different stages. Create multiple pipelines based on the sales team. Assign probability across stages, track your deals’ conversion and forecast revenue.
  • Email management: Connect your inbox and Freshsales with two-way email sync and send emails right from within the CRM. Send personalized bulk emails, schedule emails, create email templates, track email metrics, and receive real-time email alerts without shifting multiple tabs.
  • Live chat and chatbot: Route inbound queries to the right salespeople, create FAQs about the topics your customers ask about the most to help them self-serve, automate chat conversations with chatbots, and customize the chat box to reflect your branding
  • Messaging platforms: Interact with customers in real-time across channels they prefer, such as WhatsApp, iMessage, LINE, Facebook Messenger, etc.
  • Built-in phone: Get in touch with your prospects and customers without purchasing additional calling software. Freshsales enables you to purchase local and toll-free numbers across countries, create personalized welcome messages, and display the caller’s name, company, and phone number for inbound sales calls.
  • Analytics and reports: Stay on top of key metrics and make data-led decisions with pre-built or custom reports and visual dashboards
  • Mobile App: Connect with your prospects, record and access their information, and close more deals while on the move with a mobile app for android and iOS
  • AI-powered assistant: Identify and prioritize the most sales-ready prospects with scores assigned by AI based on positive and negative signals. Get insights on the next best actions that’ll drive deals to closure. 
  • Customize to your needs: Modify Freshsales to fit your needs and personalize your account to reflect your business
  • Security: Add users to roles, specify permissions, and define the scope of control
  • Marketplace: Scale your business with the IGNITE CRM platform using native and tight integrations such as helpdesk software, Freshdesk, and ITSM software, IGNITE CRM. You can also seamlessly connect IGNITE CRM with third-party integrations.
  • Free support: Get 24×5 support on email, phone, and chat


Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software that offers an extensive range of features to manage your sales, and marketing processes. Key functionalities include:

  • Contact and account management: Enables you to manage and track customer interactions and account details in one central location
  • Sales management: Provides a clear view of the sales pipeline, helping sales reps to prioritize opportunities and move deals forward
  • Sales forecasting: Forecast future sales revenue, allocate resources effectively, and make smarter decisions with advanced analytics
  • Mobile app: Access important customer data and tools from anywhere
  • Workflow automation: Streamline repetitive tasks with workflows, improve efficiency and reduce manual errors

MS Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics provides CRM features that can enable you to manage sales:

  • Reporting and analytics: Provides analytics and reporting capabilities that enable businesses to gain insights into their operations and customers.
  • Sales forecasting: Forecasting tools enable businesses to accurately predict future sales revenue and identify trends, 
  • Automation: Streamlines business processes and reduces manual data entry by automating routine tasks, such as lead nurturing and sales pipeline management.
  • Project management: Plan and manage projects, allocate resources, and track progress.
 Top 3 best CRM software tools 2024

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