How does CRM make business automation possible?

A CRM platform amplifies your sales and marketing without building huge teams or blowing your advertising budget. If your CRM is coupled with business automation (like Ignite CRM), you can create a sales and marketing engine that takes your growth to a whole new level.


Automating your sales tasks with business automation and CRM software streamlines the entire sales process with improved visibility, prioritization and follow-up.

Greater Visibility

A CRM provides the visibility that your sales team needs to be most effective. Having all lead and customer data in one place facilitates easy handoffs between teammates if the account owner changes, because everything about an individual or company is documented and accessible.

Better follow-Up

Amazing follow-up (and more sales) is made possible with a CRM. By automating follow-up with leads and clients, you no longer have to manage sticky notes on your desk or copy and paste the same email to every new lead. Your system initiates follow-up at the right times, creating a consistent customer journey and converting more leads into clients.


Implementing the power of CRM and business automation into your marketing process is often game-changing, as it offers powerful insights, personalization and testing opportunities that ultimately lead to increased sales

How does CRM make business automation possible?

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