Is Ignite CRM right for my business?

Ignite CRM is ideal for micro and small enterprises. While our customer base encompasses companies ranging from just one individual to large corporations, we have found that the maximum benefit is derived by smaller scale enterprises, as they are closely managed by smart entrepreneurs, and seek to grow fast with technology transformation.

Why is Ignite CRM priced so low?

Our mission is to help Indian MSMEs become globally competitive. We want every MSME to use smart software. Our 10+ years of experience in ERP & CRM helped us optimize support processes to further reduce cost, while improving customer experience.

How can I start using Ignite CRM?

Once you start your subscription, you can access our vast Help materials (Videos and Tutorials), as well as attend our LIVE Training sessions every weekday. You can also import your data using our Excel templates, and set up user accounts for your team members.

Can I get a personalized demo of CRM?

Yes, we would be happy to demonstrate Ignite CRM through online conference session. To schedule your personal session, please call our sales Person or send us an inquiry. The session is typically 30-45 minutes long.

 Can Ignite CRM be customized to suit my business?

Ignite CRM offers multiple ways to customize the application to suit your business. You can add industry specific work flows, create custom views and fields. You can also change the overall look and feel of the forms to match your requirement.

 How safe is my data with Ignite CRM?

We take care of data safety by all technical means of SSL, Data-center security, backups and restricted access to your data within our team. As a business ourselves, we understand and respect your privacy, safety and backup concerns.

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